Recently Discovered Lou Reed And John Cale Concert Film Is Coming To Streaming

It's a long-lost concert film of 'Songs For Drella'

As British monthly Uncut reports, what is considered a lost concert film by director/cinematographer Ed Lachman of Lou Reed and John Cale’s Songs For Drella album has been found – and it’s coming to streaming.

Lachman believed that the original negatives were long lost until he unearthed them while researching Todd Haynes‘ 2021 documentary film The Velvet Underground.

Songs For Drella will be available to stream exclusively on MUBI from April 17. The concert film shows former The Velvet Underground bandmates Reed and Cale performing songs from their song cycle tribute album to their former manager, Andy Warhol, who died three years prior to the joint album’s release in 1990.

“Lachman’s camerawork reflects the elemental, stripped-down qualities of the album, with close-ups beautifully conveying the deep, fractious history between Reed and Cale,” reads part of the concert film’s description.

‘“Drella’” was a nickname used for legendary pop artist Warhol by Reed and Cale (the name is a synthesis of Dracula and Cinderella). The Velvet Underground was managed by Warhol from 1966-67 and also served as the in-house band for his art collective known as The Factory, as well as Warhol’s traveling multimedia show, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable.

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