Pink Floyd Will Finally Get a Remaster of One of Their Favorite Albums

2018 remaster of the ‘Animals’ album will finally be available

As British monthly Uncut reports, four years after it was initially due to come out, Pink Floyd will finally release a remastered version of their 10th studio album, 1977’s Animals, this September 16.

The physical release will include both standard CD and SACD formats, 12-inch vinyl and Blu-Ray. A deluxe edition – slated to ship on October 7 – will include the vinyl, CD and Blu-Ray, plus an exclusive DVD and 32-page book. Pre-orders for all of the versions can be found here.

The key point for the fans with this release is an entirely new mix of Animals, reworked into 5.1 Stereo by legendary sound engineer James Guthrie. On the Blu-Ray and DVD releases, this will be paired with the original 1977 mix. It also sports new artwork by Aubrey “Po” Powell, who was a partner of the original cover’s artist, Storm Thorgerson, as a member of the London-based collective Hipgnosis.

As implied by its name, the ‘2018 Remix’ edition of Animals was finalized four years ago, just after the album celebrated its 40th anniversary. Plans to release it then were axed because of a feud between guitarist David Gilmour and ex-bassist Roger Waters, which reportedly stemmed from a dispute over the album’s newly re-written liner notes.

It’s unknown whether those liner notes will indeed appear on the ‘2018 Remix’ edition of Animals, but they are already publicly accessible – when he shared the above claims of Gilmour’s dissatisfaction with them, Waters posted them to his website.

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