Late Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Will Get a Biography

Both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote forewords

The late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, one of the best in rock music, is a subject of a forthcoming biography. Titled Charlie’s Good Tonight: The Life, the Times, and The Rolling Stones: The Authorized Biography of Charlie Watts, author Paul Sexton prepared it with the approval of the late drummer’s family and his bandmates. Both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote forewords. It will be available October 11, 2022.

The publishing company Harper Collins notes that Charlie Watts was one of the most decorated musicians in the world, having joined the Rolling Stones, a few months after their formation, early in 1963.

A student of jazz drumming, he was headhunted by the band after bumping into them regularly in London’s rhythm and blues clubs. Once installed at the drum seat, he didn’t miss a gig, album, or tour in his 60 years in the band.

Watts went through band bust-ups, bereavements, and changes in personnel, managers, guitarists, and rhythm sections, but remained the rock at the heart of the Rolling Stones for nearly 60 years

Watts died unexpectedly in August 2021 at age 80. A few weeks prior, he had recused himself from the Rolling Stones’ fall tour of the United States due to a medical procedure. The band continued on the road as planned, with Steve Jordan filling in for Watts.

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