Jazz Master Tracks is Combining a Record Label and an Interactive Learning Platform

Taking a new approach to listening and learning jazz music

Jazz Master Tracks, which is to launch on December 2, 2022, is set to take a new approach to listening and learning jazz music.

According to the official press release,” Hearing a great jazz album is its own reward. But what if you could sit behind the board and highlight certain instruments, mute others, or loop specific lines, phrases, cadences and turnarounds? Hear the most intimate details of tone, attack and inflection from a horn, or the rich voicings and endless rhythmic variations of a master pianist playing accompaniment (“comping”)? Or the beat chemistry between a ride cymbal and walking bass line in isolation?”

Based on the already existing concept of the play-along record and combining it with 21st-century digital tools, Jazz Master Tracks is set to launch “Album in an App”: a series of full-length albums recorded by master musicians, each a complete and satisfying listening experience on its own, reflecting every bit of the high artistry and craftsmanship that jazz demands. “When purchased in the app, the same album is offered in stems to become an engaging practice tool. With its intuitive, user-friendly multichannel stem player interface, Jazz Master Tracks makes the album’s elements manipulatable in every possible combination. This allows musicians to practice in a changeable, highly inspiring environment, maintain their skills and expand their understanding of the jazz language,” adds the press release.

The first album in the series is Vol. 1, Standards Sessions— a quintet date featuring tenor saxophonist Tony Lakatos, trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, pianist Danny Grissett, bassist Hans Glawischnig and drummer Bruno Castellucci.

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