Japanese Artist Takashi Murakami is One of the World’s Most Sought After NFT Artists

Riding the wave, Murakami now has his own solo exhibition, "An Arrow through History"

ArtNet reports that Japanese artist Takashi Murakami recently achieved great success with his NFT collaboration with RTFKT Studios, making him one of the world’s most sought-after NFT artists.

Riding its wave, Murakami now has his own solo exhibition, “An Arrow through History”, at Gagosian’s New York, blossoming full of digital bling.

ArtNet adds that his success in the wild world of NFTs was anything but guaranteed. In March 2021, when Murakami’s company, Kaikai Kiki, was on the verge of bankruptcy, he announced an NFT collection that was promptly canceled before it even dropped.

Then, in November 2021, Murakami teamed up with RTFKT to release a series of 20,000 next-gen 3D profile pics (or PFPs) designed for Metaverse environments. Initially minted at a price of 2 ETH each (about $4,000), the NFTs, bundled together under the title Clone X, sold out in minutes, according to the NFT Evening news outlet.

The collab has thus far achieved some jaw-dropping results. At the top of the pile is Clone X #4594, which sold for 450 ETH ($906,000 as of May 16) last February on OpenSea. It had the distinction of being the first Clone X NFT to surpass the $1 million dollar threshold when it sold, soon followed by another mammoth sale a week later when Clone X #13134 went for 368 ETH ($741,000 USD).

It appears that Murakami’s love affair with digital art and crypto is only just beginning. The NFT market, which by some metrics has cooled in the past several months, still attracts swaths of celebrities, athletes, and tech stars who continue to flock to the technology as a way of giving value and scarcity to digital assets.

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