Dutch Music Festival, Mysteryland, is Set to Use Locally-Generated Green Power

Mysteryland music festival will start using green power from 2023

Power consumption and CO2 emissions generated by live concerts and even more so music festivals have been exposed as big contributors to environmental problems.

As Digital Music News (DMN) reports, to help reduce these problems, Dutch Music Festival Mysteryland has decided to take decisive steps in reducing both power consumption and CO2 emissions. Starting from 2023, the year that will mark its 30th anniversary, this festival will run almost entirely on locally-generated green grid power.

Mysteryland is Netherlands’ longest-running electronic dance music festival and is one of many parties that signed the Green Deal Circular Festivals (GDCF) during the Amsterdam Dance Event in October. This agreement encourages sustainable innovation within and collaboration between Europe’s festivals, aiming for festivals to be primarily circular and climate neutral by 2025.

As DMN adds, approximately 80% of the festival’s power consumption will consist of green grid power, while the remaining 20% will primarily consist of flexible, sustainably-generated energy.

The green grid power that will fuel most of Mysteryland from 2023 will be supplied by the local energy company Tegenstroom, owned by the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Tegenstroom provides 100% locally-generated solar power produced by entrepreneurs in the region

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