Bandsintown Site Launches Special Live Music Marketing Tools for Artists

A set of tools to help artists connect more with fans

Bandsintown, the site that specializes in both ‘real’ live and streamed events has sections both for the fans and artists themselves. For their part artists use the site to gauge demand for their tours and connect with those fans.

To help them further, the site has launched a new ‘Fan Management Suite’ of tools for them to use as part of its Bandsintown for Artists service.

The new tools include an events widget to embed on their own sites; smart links and signup forms; and a ‘Fan Manager’ dashboard to which artists and managers can import their existing contact lists and send out emails and messages.

Bandsintown has also added a free ‘Email Builder’ tool akin to Mailchimp, with drag’n’drop editing, fan segmentation and analytics, which will sit alongside its direct messaging and ad retargeting features.

The site also now includes a series of ‘Artist Playbooks‘ which will teach artists how to use the new tools. The pitch behind all this is one of escaping the algorithms of the big social and streaming platforms.

“There is no sustainable future for artists without the ability to own their first-party data,” as Bandsintown CEO Fabrice Sergent put it.

Tame Impala is one of the currently popular artists that are featured on Bandsintown.

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