Video Premiere: Tiny Ghosts Deliver ’90s Vibes on their New Single “What For?” (24-Hour Exclusive)

Today we’re happy to present the video premiere from indie-pop duo Tiny Ghosts. Available exclusively on our site 24-hours before it’s official release to the wider public.

Swirled with its fuzzy guitarwork, and the dream-like pulse of lead singer Dayan Marquina, “What For?” instantly reels listeners in what feels like pure ’90s dopamine. The track’s formation isn’t any less inspiring, as guitarist Eric Morgan shares that the single marks the first-time the duo has collectively recorded together in person since Tiny Ghosts’ formation.

“‘What For’ was such a joy to create and I am shamelessly obsessed with it and I hope others enjoy it as much as I do. Honestly it’s catchy af.” – Dayan

Forever kindred spirits, the dream-pop duo Tiny Ghosts anchor melancholic anthems against shimmering layers of synth and guitar. Starting innocently as two friends emailing tracks back and forth, the project quickly evolved into an obsessive passion to build out their sonic world — growing as fervently as their friendship began many years ago

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