Spotify Is Experimenting With A New TikTok Style Video Feed

The new feature is called Discover

As TechCrunch reports, Spotify has confirmed it’s testing a new feature called Discover, which offers a vertical list of music videos you can scroll through. Every time a new video slides into view it automatically starts playing and there are options to like or skip it.

According to the same report, the Spotify navigation bar has also been updated as part of this experiment. This is shown with a Discover icon appearing on the fourth tab of the bar in between the Home and Search icons.

The details are sparse at the moment, but it is speculated that the videos are created by the artists using Spotify’s Canvas format. 

So rather than the official music videos that are released for some songs, an artist could choose to create something unique for Spotify users to view as they listen.

This seems to be just an experiment at the moment, seemingly found by accident by Twitter user Chris Messina. He recorded the Discover feature in action, which he found in a TestFlight (beta) build of the Spotify app on iOS. It’s too early to say if the music videos will become a core feature, or at least an option, in the Spotify app.

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