New Film Streaming Platform, Curia, Is Trying To Solve A Growing Problem In Streaming

The new streaming service thinks less choice is a better way to go

One of the problems quite a number of viewers encounter on big streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime is too much choice. That overabundance of choice usually ends with paralysis by analysis.

The recently launched film streaming platform Curia thinks it has found a solution to that problem.

As the IndieWire film site reports, Curia thinks the better way to go is through a curated selection of possible choices. Rather than hundreds of options served up by technology, Curia wants to deliver “only the good stuff” by programming around 80 features a month in a rotating selection of collections like this month’s New York Stories, featuring King of New York, Light Sleeper, and eight other films that take viewers across the boroughs and through decades.

As the site explains, for just $3.99 a month, Curia aims to be a service that can serve as a complement to the streaming giants, while never letting its subscribers feel the same way those other, bigger services do.

Garrett Weaver, head of Curia’s programming efforts says that “[t]he experiment was to strip away all the analytics, strip away all the stuff that stops you from watching things, like ratings or user scores and other distractions and saying ‘If it’s on here, it’s probably worth your time.’ We’re humans, there’s no algorithm here.”

Curia currently offers six collections of films featuring 8 to 10 movies in each. Many include newer, familiar anchor titles — like Bowling for Columbine and The Truman Show in a collection centered around the idea of American democracy — along with older films (The Parallax View) and under-the-radar picks (Camp X-Ray). The collections all expire within a certain timeframe, recreating the kind of “rent or return” paradigm of the video store days.

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