MusicMatch, A New App, Makes It Easier To Share And Play Music

The app tries to solve a problem for many streaming users

One of the favorite things with people that use streaming services is to share links to their favorite songs or albums. Yet a problem comes up if you get a link to a song or album that is not for a service that you use.

MusicMatch, an app that is now available on iPhones running iOS 15 tries to solve that problem. According to TechRadar, it allows music lovers to open shared song links in either Spotify or Apple Music within the app. You can also play song links utilizing a Safari browser extension on Mac computers, without opening the MusicMatch app.

According to MusicMatch developers, the app is free in the App Store and available to download for devices running iOS 15. Copy your song, album, or artist link to your clipboard and then open the MusicMatch app. Select where the link will open, whether Apple Music or Spotify.

A Safari extension will provide the same convenience but within the Safari web browser. To enable this, go to Settings > Safari > Extensions > MusicMatch > Enable All Websites > Enable MusicMatch.

According to Patric Hardy, one of the app’s developers, they “architected the app with cross-platform applications in mind. We would love for MusicMatch to solve this problem no matter where customers are at. Our iOS app is just the start.”

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