Marlon Brando’s Famed Film ‘Last Tango In Paris’ To Serve As A Basis For A TV Series

CBS Studios is among those behind the project

As Deadline reports, famed and at its time controversial, Bernardo Bertolucci’s film Last Tango in Paris, starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider is getting its own The Offer-style making-of drama series. Behind the project are CBS Studios and Stampede Ventures.

The series comes from Entourage and Boston Public writers Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn with Killing Eve’s Lisa Brühlmann and Narcos’ José Padilha to co-direct.

The report further says that the project, “set in Italy, France, and the U.S., will span the 18 months before, during and after the production of the film and will explore questions of identity, fame, and artistic ambition.”

Told through the lens of those at the center of the events ― Schneider, Brando, and Bertolucci ― the series will begin with Bertolucci traveling to Los Angeles in 1971 to convince a broken-down and bankrupt Brando to take a role in his upcoming film: a graphic account of sexual obsession, emotional breakdown, and murder.

It is similar to CBS Studios’ sister company Paramount Television Studios’ The Offer, which tells the controversial story of another Brando film, The Godfather, for Paramount+.

Brühlmann, one of the series’ directors, said the following, “When José and Stampede approached me, I was instantly taken by the project and the chance to look closer at one of the biggest scandals of our industry’s history – despite it not being treated as such at the time. The opportunity to dive into that world, into all these fascinating characters, and especially the possibility of giving Maria Schneider a voice, is really exciting.”

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