Levi’s® Has Created A New Clothing Collection Themed After The Grateful Dead

For a long time, Levi’s® has been a clothing brand that’s been closely connected to music. Now, the manufacturer has joined forces with one of rock’s most iconic bands, The Grateful Dead, for a brand new clothing line themed after the band.

The Levi’s® collection includes various items of clothing including Grateful Dead x 501® jeans, shorts, a range of patches, and a t-shirt celebrating the band’s performance at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in 1977.

“In our new collection, Levi’s® and the Grateful Dead come together, but actually, we were never apart,” claim Levi’s®, their statement peppered enthusiastically with registered trademark symbols. “Generations of Dead Heads – the band’s ever-growing community – have used Levi’s® as a canvas for self-expression, customizing their jeans, t-shirts, and Trucker Jackets. Wearing them to concerts. Envisioning the future.”

“With this collaboration,” they continue, “we celebrate our ongoing legacy of music, community, and creativity.”

As Louder Than Sound’s online site notes, the news follows the launch of a range of Grateful Dead tea in March, while high-end London clothing store Selfridges introduced a range of Grateful Dead merchandise last month. And it’s only been a year since a range of official Grateful Dead deodorants hit the nation’s drugstores.

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