Just like that, the Reddit/GameStop stock drama has deals for one book, two movies

Ben Mezrich, of 'The Social Network' fame, has received a deal for a book

The story of how a group of users on the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets caused a “short squeeze” of the stock of long-struggling gaming retailer GameStop, has barely been going on for a week and isn’t even close to over. 

But ever since it started, there have been frequent comparisons to movies and TV shows of the past, from Billions to The Big Short to Trading Places, and also a great deal of speculation about when a movie will be made about the current saga. 

Now, just days after the story first broke, there’s word of a book and movie deal for one writer, and a separate movie deal as well. 

Author Ben Mezrich, who wrote the book that was the basis for the Facebook movie The Social Network, has received a deal for a book on the Reddit/GameStop story, which is titled… The Antisocial Network. And not only that, but the book proposal has itself been optioned for a movie, by MGM. Mezrich, who also was a staff writer for Billions and wrote a book about the Winklevoss brothers’ Bitcoin business — which has itself been optioned for a movie — would seem the perfect writer for such material. 

Not to be outdone, but Netflix has also announced plans for their own Reddit/GameStop movie — one that already has talent attached. Per Deadline, the Netflix version will star actor Noah Centineo, and Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) is set to write. Professor and tech expert Scott Galloway to set to consult, following a tweet about the incident that went viral, and was mocked by some: 

Meanwhile, Brian Koppleman, the co-creator and showunner of Billions — a show that once featured a plotline about a short squeeze — has been hearing all week about what he should feature in the show’s next season: 

There’s no word yet on when the movies might begin filming, or when they might arrive on screen. 

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