AMC Theaters Offering NFL Sunday Ticket In Theaters

The big game on the big screen

NFL Sunday Ticket is the NFL’s package of out-of-market games, enabling fans of NFL teams outside to watch entire games of teams in other cities which aren’t available on local TV. The package has been exclusive to DirecTV since 1994, although there are rumors about it going to Amazon or another company after 2022, although many fans experience Sunday Ticket at sports bars. 

Now, there’s going to be another place to watch NFL games: Movie theaters. 

AMC has announced a promotion in which it will show out-of-market games in theaters, in about 40 theaters in 25 markets around the country. Tickets to the games in theaters are free, for those who join the AMC Stubs loyalty program and purchase a $10 Prepaid Event Food & Beverage ticket. 

The games included in the offer are announced each Friday, and viewers can sign up for push alerts to find out what’s available. However, the offer does not include in-market games, so you won’t be able to watch your own home team in the theater. 

Why go to the theater instead of a bar? For one thing, the screen is way bigger, and one can concentrate better if there’s one game on the screen instead of ten at once. 

The CEO of AMC tweeted about the deal: 

The deal caps off a bizarre year for AMC. The theaters were shuttered during the pandemic, leading to rumors either of bankruptcy or of a takeover by Amazon. However, AMC survived and even had its stock rise as part of the meme stocks phenomenon. Now, theaters are open fully, with football added to boot. 

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