CONVOS: Jonathan Antoine, ‘ChristmasLand’

Check out our sit down with with world-renowned tenor, Jonathan Antoine, as we talk to him about his journey from a ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ sensation to one of the world’s bestselling tenors, how he developed his amazing voice, his love of Metal and Disney, his first Christmas album, ‘ChristmasLand’, upcoming live concert, and much more.

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  1. Best interview I’ve ever seen of Jonathan- you guys are terrific and asked really good and different questions. Hell yeah! to Disney and Metal collaborations! Jonathan also wants to do a song with Snoop!

  2. Thank you for bringing this amazing and informative interview with the greatest Tenor to have graced tge opera world since Pavarotti, Jonathan Antoine this young man has pipes I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, I LK forward to more interviewsin the future with him wishing you all a safe and wonderful Happy Holidays sei bellissimo Jonathan amore a tutti e tu famiglia ciao Bello ❤⛄

  3. Great interview with nicely flowing dialogue. Enjoyed every MINUTE. Hats off..or on, if they’d prefer, to the Living Life Fearless team, and of course to Jonathan Antoine, great classical tenor who continues to captivate his audiences. Love his humor, quick wit, advocacy, and did I forget to mention..HIS VOICE! BEST WISHES TO ALL.

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