Bobby Jones’ journey as a pro hooper & life under Italy’s Covid-19 lockdown

We’re back with special guest Bobby Jones Jr., a professional basketball, filmmaker, and all-around creative. We talk about the crazy journey basketball has taken him on, his love for storytelling, his connection with Will Harris, and his recently dropped mini-doc about his experiences of living through the first week of Italy’s Covid-19 lockdown. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

Bobby Jones' journey as a pro hooper & life under Italy's Covid-19 lockdown | Podcasts | The Fearless Show | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Latest Production

00:01:55 Bobby Jones’ crazy journey through basketball

00:25:43 – His start as a filmmaker

00:29:36 – His connection to Will Harris (famous for ‘Anatomy of a Fighter’)

00:36:07 – Habits built through sports that apply everywhere

00:40:15 – Dropping gems for the younger generation of hoopers

00:47:16 – Living through and documenting the first week of Italy’s Covid-19 lockdown

01:05:35 – What’s next?

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