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Mesmi – ‘Slow Bloom’ LP Reaction

Slow Bloom is the perfect name for LA-based Asian-American singer-songwriter Mesmi’s debut album, which sounds and feels like the coming-of-age music of an artist who will have a long and rich journey; a journey that won’t be rushed through but rather taken in fully and deeply, one song at a time.

For being so young in her career, Mesmi has already developed a style that is palpable all the way through Slow Bloom, which carries some ’90s trip-hop nostalgia on its silky electro-pop waves. A slightly different aspect of Mesmi’s newly forming sense of artistic identity shines through every song, creating a coherent whole that flows seamlessly and reveals maturity. Her voice is beautiful, her singing is confident and natural, and her songs are quality. There’s a pulse to Mesmi’s music, a subtle seductiveness that is very pleasant and almost enchanting.

If you’re a fan of the balanced blends of trip-hop, R&B, electro-pop, and just all-around musical talent, Slow Bloom is definitely worth a listen. We’re excited to see what Mesmi’s next musical and personal development phase has in store.

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Mesmi - 'Slow Boom' LP Reaction | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Mesmi – ‘Slow Bloom’ LP Reaction
Mesmi seems to have taken her time to find and develop her artistic identity rather than rush to stardom, and it shows in her debut LP 'Slow Bloom.'

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