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Jordan Rome – “Till the End” Reaction

Punk and country aren’t exactly genres that go hand in hand, but in Jordan Rome’s musical mind, they don’t just go hand in hand, but skip and hop with evident ease and joy all the way “Till the End.”

Rome is singing “follow me, till the end,” and this is the kind of song to get frivolous, free-spirited punk and country lovers to do just that, and do it together at that, potentially making for a fascinating group of road buddies.

“Till the End” is brimming with genuine and highly contagious energy. Its rhythm conjures up a horse, galloping with its hair fluttering in the wind of freedom. The melodic guitar licks and mini solos throughout the song are like fun, memorable experiences that make following Rome till the end a journey well worth it.

 It’s hard to say if “Till the End” is a country song, peppered with punk elements or vice versa, but either way, it somehow manages to fit both genres aesthetics perfectly, creating a combination that is as fun as it is unusual.

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Jordan Rome – “Till the End” Reaction
Punk and country aren’t exactly genres that go hand in hand, but they can actually make for great travel buddies you can follow "Till the End."

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