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Babbling April – “Worst Kind of Parties” Reaction

Babbling April creates dreamy indie rock that fluctuates between a wide spectrum of emotions and musical expressions. Their newest single, “Worst Kind of Parties,” carries gentle, melodic shades of The Cranberries in the subtle melancholy that surfaces in its major keys.

“Worst Kind of Parties” really is permeated by that strange, lonely feeling you sometimes get at parties you don’t really feel a part of. Whether that feeling resonates with you or not, the musical tools Babbling April have used to recreate it is a testament to their prowess.

The guitar riffs in the verses are melodic and very pleasantly syncopated, which is another element that’s reminiscent of The Cranberries’ style; the singing sounds strangely nonchalant and distant, fitting the song’s theme perfectly; the spacey chorus lingers; and most of all, the bridge, which doesn’t actually contrast with the rest of the song but rather captures its essence in the most concentrated and melodic form, is a super gentle instrumental dance between emotional bass, guitar, and airy sound effects that is absolutely beautiful!

“Worst Kind of Parties” is a very pleasant song that reflects proper talent and a desire to channel it into real music that stands out from the masses. Babbling April’s newest LP, Days of Retreat, is dropping on June 6th.

Babbling April – “Worst Kind of Parties” Reaction
Babbling April's dreamy, melancholic indie single, "Worst Kind of Parties," is that strange, lonely feeling you get at parties you don't feel a part of.

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