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A Sad Goodbye to ‘I’m Sorry,’ a Brilliant and Unheralded Sitcom

The Hollywood trades reported last week that I’m Sorry, a sitcom created by starring Andrea Savage, had been cancelled, due to the coronavirus pandemic. TruTV, the network that aired the show, announced the cancellation even though it had previously renewed the series for a third season, and had begun filming prior to production shutdown. 

“Due to circumstances created by COVID, we unfortunately cannot move forward with production on the third season of I’m Sorry,” TruTV told Deadline. “We admire Andrea Savage’s irreverent voice and fresh take on parenthood and are so proud of the show she and her cast and crew created. She was a great partner for many years and we truly wish everyone well.”

I caught up on a lot of streaming shows during quarantine, but I’m Sorry might have been the best one of all. The show, whose two seasons are streaming on Netflix, may be mostly unknown, but it’s absolutely worth a catch up. 

I’m Sorry resembles Curb Your Enthusiasm in many ways, from raunch to a series of plots involving cringe comedy and awkward social situations. Savage starred in the show as a wife and mother who works as a comedy writer, and often finds herself in social situations where she has a significantly more raunchy and off-color sense of humor than most of her peers.

The show gets modern-day parenting culture just right, while also depicting one of the better marriages on TV, a horny and teasing-filled pairing between Savage and Tom Everett Scott. The show also had memorable guest turns from the likes of Scott Aukerman, Jason Mantzoukas, and Martin Mull.

Sure, the show didn’t have the most memorable or Google-able title, and TruTV is the network that used to be called Court TV, and was only recently rebranded as a comedy network. I only know about the show because my wife clicked on it on Netflix one day.

The show had even had a contest, as recently as July, to participate in a virtual table read: 

Ther’es no word yet on any chance for a revival for the series, which had already had its entire third seaosn written. But even if it doesn’t ever return, it’s the show that made me wish my kids’ school had more parents who were comedy writers. 

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