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22 Convention – The Most Sexist Show on Earth is Coming to Orlando

Comedian and YouTube star Kurtis Conner brings the atrocity to our attention in a video posted on January 24th. 21 Studios, a grotesque amalgamation of big beards and/or bald heads, is holding a convention for women. Their motto? “Make women great again.”

To convey the true nature of 21 Studios and its ‘female support’, here are just a few quotations taken directly from the 22 Convention website:

“No longer will you have to give in to toxic bullying feminist dogma and go against your ancient, biological nature as a woman, the men have arrived to help #MWGA.”

High quality masculine men want high quality feminine women to mother their children and set great examples for their daughters. Our speakers will teach you what men and women of prior generations FAILED to teach you as a direct result of feminist meddling and sabotage.”

Men admire healthy, fit women. They are after all sizing you up for reproduction, and your decisions will be passed on to your children through the choices you make via epigenetics.”

“’Where did all the good men go?’ suddenly became ‘Where did all the MEN go?’ Believe us, men are saying the same thing in reverse today.”

Don’t have ‘it all’, have unlimited babies*!

The 22 Convention, alleged ‘Ultimate Event for Women’, pins the majority of U.S. problems – female depression, divorce rates, poverty, crime, obesity, and mental health issues – on feminists. Or, as the ‘Manosphere’ of 21 Studios might call them, manly women.

In three to four days, with a super-powered team of misogynists, female attendants of the 22 Convention will rediscover their biology. No longer will they be plagued by the cock-eyed optimism of feminist beliefs: “Generations of women,” says the 22 Convention website, “have been lied to with ‘you can have it all’.”

According to 21 Studios, women can’t have it all. Nor can they correct the nationwide issues that are, after all, women’s fault. But they can get themselves in shape to attract alpha-males and have “unlimited babies*”!

Along with “unlimited babies*”, the 22 Convention promises a whopping 500% increase in femininity, derived from masculine keynote speeches. The speakers, a variety of questionably buff males, will improve female lives at the 22 Convention for the discounted cost of $999.

Conducting the circus is self-proclaimed legend Anthony ‘Dream’ Johnson. Johnson, “1st President of the Manosphere”, has built the supposedly 100% female-funded event, perhaps to make further comparisons between women’s activists and the KKK. Johnson has also contributed to the charmingly named “FemalePsychopath.com“.

21 Studios is a manipulation corporation, a Faustian temptation for struggling men and a Gaslight attempt for single women.

Every facet of the 22 Convention masks a toxic sexism seminar, wrapped in the guise of a life-changing retreat. The goal – to trap female audiences who hope for a relationship and family. The cost for female attendants (along with the $999) is the dehumanization of other vocal women.

21 Studios has already infected the male population. Their 21 Convention, “A Panorama Event for Life on Earth as a Man”, is on its 19th edition this year. Johnson and other members of the manosphere don their “Make Women Great Again” hats and teach audiences “how to get sexual like a man” or “how to survive a female psychopath”.

Gone are the days when the number one concern of womankind was ditching the vacuum. We have a bigger problem in 21 Studios’ conventions, TED-talk style YouTube videos, and 21 University (“It’s like Netflix, for men,” says KevinCole.net). 21 Studios is a manipulation corporation, a Faustian temptation for struggling men and a Gaslight attempt for single women.

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