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Studio Ghibli releasing over 400 images from its films for free

The stills come from 8 of their iconic movies

Japanese animation experts Studio Ghibli, currently the world leader in cutting-edge animation films, has come up with another specialty for its fans during the pandemic. After releasing its films on Netflix and offering free Zoom backgrounds, it has now come up with another freebie.

As Mymodernart.com (MMA) reports, starting September 2020, this studio released over 400 still images from its films for free. The stills come from eight movies including the iconic Spirited Away, Poyo, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

Writing about this release, Ghibli producer, Toshio Suzuki, who wrote, “[p]lease use them freely within the scope of common sense.” MMA adds that “whether you want to use them as your screensaver or print them out to decorate your home, the stunning collection is brimming with colorful, inspiring imagery. Even just browsing through the collection online is a treat—each still gives a more detailed look into the artistry that goes into creating Ghibli’s incredible hand-drawn animations. The best part? There’s also a promise of more images to come in the near future.”

The images are available at the Ghibli site here.

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