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New evidence could spark a murder investigation in James Brown’s death

Similar claims have been raised by others before

Vibe reports that a woman, Jacque Hollander, “delivered a bin of alleged evidence to Fulton County DA Paul Howard on Wednesday (Feb. 12) that funk legend James Brown was murdered.” And at this moment the Atlanta District Attorney’s office is looking into these claims.

Vibe reminds us that “The Godfather of Soul” died on Christmas Day in 2006, two days after being admitted into an Atlanta hospital. He was 73 years old.

According to Hollander she was “a former circus singer and songwriter who collaborated with Brown in the 1980s and became apart of his inner circle, she was close friends with his third wife, Adrienne Brown, who died in 1996.”

Vibe adds that Hollander also claims that Brown “raped her in the Georgia woods one night in 1988 and threatened to kill her, and her family if she told anyone. She filed a $100 million civil lawsuit against Brown the year before he died.”

Quite a number of people also claim that Brown was murdered, among them his late daughter LaThonda Petit, and late son-in-law, Darren Lumar. “One of Brown’s friends, who also believes that he was murdered, swiped a vile of his blood from the hospital after he died.”

Similar claims come from the doctor who signed his death certificate. He told CNN last year that, “he questioned how the soul legend deteriorated so quickly after being hospitalized. He changed too fast. He was a patient I would never have predicted would have coded. But he died that night, and I did raise that question: What went wrong in that room?”

Adding to the controversy is the fact that Yamma Brown, another of Brown’s daughters “declined to have an autopsy performed on his remains.” Vibe also adds that, “a battle erupted over his $100 million estate that has yet to be settled. In 2014, Brown’s fourth wife stated in an interview that his remains were removed 14 times after his death.”

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