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Cornell University to honor the man who reshaped electronic music

The alumni in question is Robert Moog

Flood Magazine reports on a three-day event that will be held at Cornell University, which will mark the opening of Robert Moog archives at its Kroch Library – the University was Moog’s alma mater. The renowned inventor almost single-handedly reshaped the development of electronic music, classical, pop, rock, or otherwise. Some fifty-six years ago he came up with his first Moog synthesizer, one of the instruments that has become prominent in music in the last fifty years or so.

On March 5, Cornell University will host a three-day event titled When The Machines Rock: A Celebration of Robert Moog And Electronic Music. It will mark the opening of Moog’s archives at the University. Flood notes that, “a curated collection of relics including drawings, academic writings, and prototypes of the keyboard have been donated by his wife, Dr. Ileana Grams-Moog, to the University’s Carl A. Kroch Library.”

One of the keynote speakers will be Gary Numan, to many known as the artist behind the electronic hit “Cars.” Other attendants include Grammy-nominated electronic musician and sound designer Suzanne Ciani and others.

Along with keynotes and panel discussions, each day of the event will feature music presentations, the opening of the exhibit titled Electrifying Music: The Life and Legacy of Robert Moog, as well as a synth-building workshop.

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