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Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is offering 3d Replicas of the Dutch master on loan

The idea goes under the slogan “Paintings to the People”

At this moment it’s impossible for potential visitors to come to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Or any other museum much anywhere else for that matter. That is why, as Dutch News reports, the museum has decided to bring the masterpieces in its possession to people.

“The museum is asking the Dutch to nominate a friend, neighbor, or colleague who deserves a bit of a lift to receive a perfect, 3D reproduction of one of van Gogh’s nine most famous works. Five winners will be selected by Tuesday and on Thursday the ‘museum edition’ versions of the works will be delivered to their homes for a two-week loan.”

According to the museum, the versions are ‘almost impossible to distinguish from the originals.’ One will even have the gift delivered by the museum’s new director, Emilie Gordenker.

But that is not all. There will be more winners, and the next five in line “will have a selection of the nine (almost) masterpieces to hang in their home galleries for a fortnight.”

The museum says that the whole idea came from one of the letters van Gogh wrote to his brother: ‘It’s not about feeling hope for better times ahead – it’s about doing something right now.’

Otherwise, the Van Gogh Museum has a strong presence online with video tours of its vast collection, a 360-degree virtual reality tour of our exhibition In the Picture, and last Tuesday the first painting workshop video.

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