Juliet Landau Discusses Her Meditation on Narcissism & Evil in ‘A Place Among the Dead’ | Hype | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Juliet Landau Discusses Her Meditation on Narcissism & Evil in ‘A Place Among the Dead’

Interviewed by:
Alex Arabian
Interview date:
November 2020

You’re a big bad on Buffy who wasn’t ever defeated.

No. No. I’m still undead out there.

So have you been approached for any type of reboot?

I haven’t. I haven’t as of yet.

Juliet Landau Discusses Her Meditation on Narcissism & Evil in ‘A Place Among the Dead’ | Hype | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Obviously, there’s a pandemic right now, but have you been able to virtually attend any sort of Comic-Con events for your past work or for A Place Among the Dead?

I haven’t. But one of the things that was incredible is, for our worldwide premiere, we were sponsored by MAC Cosmetics and New York Comic-Con. And the thing is, people have done panels at Comic-Con, which I’ve done as well on shows or movies, which generate later ticket sales. But this was revolutionary in the fact that we made the film available right there, virtually, for everyone all over the world to stream the movie and watch together, followed by an interactive Q&A with Gary Oldman, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, Charlaine Harris, and myself were on, and then the interactive Zoom. And it was a brand new way to reach the audience with the closure of cinemas everywhere as well as the general direction that movies were going before COVID. This will probably be some aspect of the future. And it felt like the water cooler cinema experience, which has been sorely lacking, culturally, where everything has been so spread out and dispersed. We were able to put the fans at the forefront and actually have this conversation all together rather than people streaming whenever and talking about it whenever.

What a great layout and platform.

It was cool because our distributor is Modern Films, and they’re an awesome female distribution company located in the UK. And this is the first time that they’ve gone worldwide. And they’re innovative in terms of they do the traditional release plan and press, and then they also do these screening events, which was perfect for what we wanted in terms of wanting to have a dialogue.

Do you have anything else exciting on the horizon?

I was doing a movie called Penumbra. It’s directed by a director named Thomas Negovan, and it’s produced by E. Elias Merhige, who directed Shadow of the Vampire and Suspect Zero with Sir Ben Kingsley. Really interesting project and incredible role. I was working with Jake Busey. I really enjoyed the shoot in the desert. And it was nice to be in an environment where people were being very safe and get to be creative because it’s obviously a daunting time for everybody to figure out how to move forward.

And then just before lockdown, I was recurring on TNT’s show, Claws. I was supposed to do many more episodes, but obviously got put on hold, but then shot an episode a couple of weeks ago as well. They asked me to have my character come back, and it was right in the midst of the release and everything. So they ended up working it out that my character was on a cruise in the Antarctic, and so I Zoom called into the scene where I was with the family and Carrie Preston, who’s the lead on the show. And all of the stuff that’s going on between us – we got to play out, and it ended up working out. It’s funny because we were basically shooting a TV show in our living room. My character is named Cordelia, and she’s a very wealthy socialite. And basically, Carrie’s character has conned–well, I can’t say many spoilers. But basically, it was a reading of the will, and the way that they staged it is I’m on a huge screen. So I’m this huge presence. So it’s actually quite funny. When I saw that, I was trying not to crack up in the takes because my presence was like The Wizard of Oz.

Please tell Dev congratulations, as well, on this project. It was such a phenomenal work of art, and it really struck a chord with me and so many others, it sounds like.

I will, absolutely. Well, this has been amazing. The time just flew by. It really did.

No kidding. Thanks so much for your time and your generosity with your answers, Juliet. I really appreciate it.

Well, thank you so much also for your questions. They were really amazing and interesting and thought-provoking on my end as well, so I really, really enjoyed this.

A Place Among the Dead opened to Laemmle Theatres Virtual Cinema on November 9, 2020, and is currently available for a PVOD viewing experience. The next interactive screening is on November 21st. Its worldwide release is December 14th. Tickets can be purchased at modernfilms.com/aplaceamongthedead.

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