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of movement & music is a musical travel companion that changes constantly, swiftly, and suddenly, with mood swings and vibes as eclectic as the places you visit together.

The product of an extensive world journey of multi-instrumentalist The Camino Side Project,
of movement & music simply can’t be anything but extremely diverse, to the extent of the listener having a hard time believing these diametrically opposite songs are in fact part of the same record.

You get some more classic travel songs which invoke that signature bitter-sweet nostalgia and romantic sense of wonder which only blues and country can. There’s a wide diversity even within that small category, with some peaceful pieces which are reminiscent of the thoughts that waft around calmly during a long road, while others are full-on rock bangers to go over the speed limit to.

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of movement & music also seems to span the entire travel experience. Some songs seem to be inspired by the upcoming journey or the tingling moment of departure, others are like the perfect, romantic soundtrack to a video montage of beautiful road trip moments; then there are songs which are neither and instead feel like tokens from distant, exotic places, permeated by their edgy oriental rhythms and distinctive melodies which instantly conjure up a sense of mystery and even the excitement of danger.

of movement & music also features some really surprising songs, very hard to pin down both in terms of their musical genre and their possible place of origin. There are a couple of them which could have been skipped as they don’t really feel like travel songs per se, but they are a couple of songs from this category which still feel as if they were spontaneously born out of the search of beauty and meaning in the world’s most distant corners.

of movement & music is a very ambitious project which can spark wanderlust, nostalgia, or can also simply be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

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'of movement & music' is a travel companion that changes constantly and swiftly, with mood swings and vibes as eclectic as the places you visit together.

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