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For the lovers of neo-classical acoustic guitar, “Prince William Sound” is like a mature wine, with a lot of depth and nuance, rich and harmonic in its flavors, gentle, yet full-bodied.

The song starts out by making great use of a simple, but very pleasant guitar technique which is observed in classical and rock guitar playing, producing a series of light popping sounds that envelop you in a gentle feeling of spaciness.

What also stands out about “Prince William Sound” is that it’s anything but repetitive, seamlessly flowing between sections that are quite different in nature, both in terms of their feel and the guitar techniques that are employed. Sometimes the sound is light, as if Vickness barely caresses each note and unlocks the care-free feelings it holds, while at others he produces fuller harmonies and accentuates notes as if they are thoughts that are meant to grab the attention and linger.

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“Prince William Sound” is a melodic background, created by a master guitarist, for all kinds of thoughts and daydreams to waft around free and undisturbed by trivialities.

For the lovers of neo-classical acoustic guitar, "Prince William Sound" is like a mature wine, rich and balanced, harmonic, gentle, yet full-bodied.

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