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Bogan Via – “Videos” Music Video Reaction

The actual video for Bogan Via’s “Videos” perfectly captures the song’s tasteful sensuality, and in doing so shows that a song can sound and look sexy without any moaning or shaking asses.

The music clip takes a creative approach to creating a voluptuous vibe that is devoid of any vulgarity. The variety of dynamic visuals which stream from somewhere off-camera constantly dance on her face and the wall behind her, giving the song a nice tinge of mystery that perfectly ties with the song’s subtle sexiness; they feel like the energy of an invisible dance partner. This is perhaps why they are so diverse and imaginative, turning from blurry to crystalized, from shapeless to sharp and defined, from black and white to a medley of colors, from seemingly random to carefully outlined. It’s the visuals that basically drive the video and manage to seamlessly achieve something otherwise quite hard – making a completely static video dynamic and interesting.

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The singer also does a very nice job of keeping eye contact with the camera naturally and keeping the viewers’ interest without doing essentially anything but singing.

A very stylish and tastefully sexy video for a stylish and tastefully sexy song.

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The video for Bogan Via’s song "Videos" perfectly captures the song’s tasteful sensuality, showing a song can be sexy without any moaning or shaking asses.

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