The Marathon Continues: Long Live Nipsey Hussle

We’re back discussing the latest happenings in and around music like Prince’s estate’s huge lawsuit payout, this year’s set to be historic Record Store Day, the Palace of Versailles hosting their first ever rave, 2018 being the music industry’s biggest year in over a decade, and much more. Then we discuss Billboard’s absolutely out-of-touch handling of “Old Town Road”, the importance, or lack thereof, of Coachella to the culture, and lastly, we finally talk about the life and loss of Nipsey Hussle, and why this one was so much different. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

00:02:34 News Roundup: We’re set for a historic Record Store Day, Palace of Versailles hosting their first ever rave, the music industry made over $19 billion last year, and more

00:22:30 “Old Town Road” hits #1 – is there any reason to still have genre specific charts?

00:36:51 Is Coachella still important and relevant to the culture?

00:51:52 The life and loss of Nipsey Hussle – why this one was different

01:15:54 New and upcoming music releases


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