Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and the pros and cons of this current outrage culture

We’re back and ready to kick the New Year off with our thoughts and opinions about the Golden Globes and some of the winners, then we talk about the movies we missed in 2018 but caught up on over the holidays and give our general thoughts about 2018 as a year in film. Lastly, things get real and heated as we discuss the recent social upheaval going on about Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, R. Kelly and others, and debate the pros and cons of this current outrage culture we live in and whether or not it’s ok to separate the artist and their work. It’s a doozy, so check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

* Due to some recording issues there won’t be a video recording of this podcast *

00:04:05 – Our thoughts and opinions about the Golden Globes

00:16:27 – Catching up on movies over the holidays and was 2018 a lackluster year in film?

00:53:25 – Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and the pros and cons of this current outrage culture

01:34:49 – Should a controversial figure’s work be forever wiped from history and is it ok to 
separate a person from their work?


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