Tritonal : Echostage

Tritonal took Washington D.C. by storm, the musical duo impressed many fans with their set design and song selection. When Tritonal played some dubstep to fans to headbang to, the crowd went nuts. The whole experience felt like being transferred to a whole new world, from the lighting to the confetti showers. Chad Cisneros’ energy never seems to end as he runs around the stage and show love to fans. He even tosses out water to the crowd, ensuring that everyone stays hydrated. This was an experience that was truly not to be missed, but in case you did; here are some shots of the epic moments that occurred through the night. Be sure to check out Tritonal’s upcoming album U & Me in early May on your preferred music platform.

Date: 3/16/19
Venue: Echostage

Do you ever ask what if?
Do you almost call?
I’m not the only one who feels crazy
‘Cause I still miss it all

– “Hung Up”

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