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Paul Doffing – Running in the Dark Reaction

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Paul Doffing’s LP Running in the Dark is the befitting result of a grand, movie-esque bicycle tour that led the folk singer-songwriter across 22 U.S. states and 7 countries.

Running in the Dark is very diverse, but the kind of diverse any quality album should be – bound together by a strong sense of identity and distinctive style. Doffing’s melodic guitar sections are infused with a lulling folk feel that makes you drift away with your thoughts, to places of self-exploration, human connections, and worldly realizations.

What’s particularly nice about Running in the Dark is that while it induces a distinctively thoughtful and dreamy state of mind, it does so very subtly and gently, without imposing an overwhelming vibe that is only suitable for very specific situations and moods, and as such would generally sound a bit overdone and fake.

On the contrary, the whole album feels like the act of slipping into a dream – seamless, gentle, and magically introspective. You can choose to delve into Doffing’s experiences through his lyrics, or just waft on his beautiful melodies and voice and immerse yourself into your own, which is exactly what quality travel folk music should predispose to.

Paul Doffing – Running in the Dark Reaction
'Running in the Dark' lets you explore Paul Doffing's travel experiences and thoughts, or waft on his beautiful folk melodies and voice to your very own.

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