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Orange Birthday – A1X Reaction

Orange Birthday sounds like an enigmatic name, and it’s more than befitting of the Texas-based composer whose music sounds like a dive into the mystery that is the human soul, or perhaps into something even deeper and more abstract, like the Universe, perhaps. His cryptic new album, A1X, is filled with songs that usually fall under the one-minute mark and feel like the musical forms of single, stark feelings and ideas.

The overall sound of A1X is quite like a soundtrack of a sci-fi film with philosophical themes and a strong emotional charge – their exact nature may be hard to pin down, but what matters is they make you feel and think, perhaps about whatever has already nestled inside you.

Being quite reminiscent of ambient music, A1X is quite suitable for chilling out, falling asleep, or letting your thoughts drift, inward into your own mind, or outward into space and beyond.

A1X is certainly not for every taste or mood, but the most interesting and experimental music usually isn’t.

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Orange Birthday – A1X Reaction
Orange Birthday's cryptic new album, 'A1X', is like an exploration of the mystery that is the human soul, or perhaps something even deeper and more abstract.

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