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Katrina Parker – “Ring of Fire” Reaction

True classics never get old, especially when new artists do quality new takes on them that still capture the original’s essence. Now, with her quaint “Ring of Fire” cover, folk-pop songstress Katrina Parker, most well-known as the semi-finalist on Season 2 of The Voice, makes sure the evergreen stays that way.

Parker’s interpretation is quite ambiguous genre and vibe-wise, which is a nice approach to such a famous song. With that being said, there’s certainly an ominous feel, be it relatively subtle, that permeates her “Ring of Fire” cover, and in fact, it’s precisely that subtlety that makes the menacing vibe catchy rather than overwhelming.

Parker acknowledges that her take took a turn toward a ring that burns with a slightly darker glow.

“It ended up taking a darker, more dramatic turn,” she notes. “A bit of Westworld meets Deadwood meets The Andrews Sisters vibe.”

This sense of drama gives the song an edge which makes for a nice contrast with Parker’s rich, vibrant voice, the peaceful little piano and banjo parts that sneak in after the chorus, and the ethereal, gospel-like back-vocal sections.

Overall, a nice and innovative cover that’s definitely worth a listen. Katrina’s forthcoming desert folk pop-tinged LP Stars comes out on September 6, and we’re excited to see what her original songs sound like.

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Katrina Parker – “Ring of Fire” Reaction
Classics can use quality takes to stay relevant. With her quaint "Ring of Fire" cover, folk-pop singer Katrina Parker makes sure the evergreen stays that way.

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