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FerrariLover – ‘Exotic Legend’ Reaction

Exotic Legend, ambient guitarist FerrrariLover’s LP, is a haunting compilation that you just take in and let your mind drift with rather than over-analyze.

From the first note, it’s absolutely clear that FerrariLover is one of those guitarists whose music is as much about the melodies and tones being played as it is about finding the unique sound that can best bring them to life, making Exotic Legend a delight for the ambient music lovers.  

The prevalent sound in the LP is somewhat reminiscent of the reverberating guitars we have come to associate with intense western scenes, but it’s much heavier on the delay effect which creates a very otherworldly, sonic ambiance that just outspreads and envelops you whole. There are particular moments in which the beautiful resonance of the sound reminds me of the intro of this particular live version of “Shine on you Crazy Diamond.”

And while the experimental sound which defies genres besides ambient music certainly takes a central stage, that doesn’t go to say that the actual melodies aren’t replete with an emotional charge, be it of an ambivalent nature. The whole LP just feels like abstract memories, feelings, and thoughts that flood the mind at their own behest rather than your own.

Exotic Legend is a beautiful ambient LP to relax, think, or fall asleep to, and for the guitarists out there who love to play with sound as much as they love to play actual melodies, it can be a great source of inspiration as well.

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FerrariLover - Exotic Legend | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
FerrariLover – ‘Exotic Legend’ Reaction
'Exotic Legend' is an ambient LP your mind can wander with, and for the guitarists who love playing with sound, it can also be a great source of inspiration.

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