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Bus Stop Poets – “Blow” Reaction



“Blow” is a lilting mix of country and sunshine roots rock by Detroit veteran songwriters, going by the name of Bus Stop Poets – certainly a befitting name for a band with their authentic, old-school sound that seems to stream, and perhaps even keep alive, a different musical and even cultural era.

“Blow” seamlessly takes you through a narrative ala ’70s Eagles, just hopping through rhythmical, catchy verses, guitar sections, filled with solid harmonies and flashes of the signature country lonesomeness, and vibrant vocals that soar above the melodic guitars to put an exclamation point on it all.

The whole song flows extremely naturally, as if recorded on the spot rather than formulaically compiled together piece by piece, verse after chorus, until you meet the allotted time limit. This sense of spontaneity probably comes partly from the narrative being told, and partly from the music just pouring straight from the source rather than through the filters of the commercial music industry.

It’s worth mentioning that Bus Stop Poets have synced tunes in big commercial spots for Chevy as well as multiple episodes of Showtime’s Shameless, and with a solid validation of their talent with “Blow”, we’re excited to hear their LP Leave it to the Kids that drops July 26th.

Bus Stop Poets – “Blow” Reaction
"Blow" and its narrative sound like music from another era, one of authenticity, country lonesomeness, and living a life worth singing about.

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