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Ashley Wilson – “Paint The Sky” Reaction

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Ashley Wilson’s “Paint The Sky” instantly conjures up Norah Jones’s best smooth jazz practices.

The song feels charmingly old-fashioned in its unapologetically romantic vibes that permeate the song, streaming from its warm jazzy pop harmonies and hopeful lyrics.

Romantic wishful thinking is perhaps the best way to describe “Paint The Sky”, which is what makes it almost universally relatable. It expresses all the “maybes,” “if only’s,” possibilities, and romantic scenarios that we write in our heads but often don’t get to see play out as they remain trapped on the other side of the “unless” in the equation.

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“Paint The Sky” might be a little too downright romantic and saccharine for some people’s tastes, especially those who lean more toward romance wrapped in more dramatic music sheaths like rock ballads, for example.

That being said, for people with perhaps a little more classic and old-fashioned tastes, the song can be a soothing backdrop against which romantic thoughts, dreams, and memories can slowly unfold and drift like gentle clouds amidst a light starry night.

Ashley Wilson – “Paint The Sky” Reaction
Ashley Wilson’s "Paint The Sky" instantly conjures up Norah Jones’s best smooth jazz practices. A soothing backdrop that feels like a romantic starry night.

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