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Albon - "Call Me Up" Reaction | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Albon – “Call Me Up” Reaction

LA-based singer-songwriter Albon makes the kind of indie pop-folk that makes the bitter sweet and the sweet even sweeter. His new single, “Call Me Up”, feels like the musical version of a bird’s eye view, an elevated perspective on life from which the big and important things come into focus while all the little trivialities we tend to preoccupy our minds with dissolve.

“Call Me Up” has all the makings of an indie pop-folk tune that grows into a loyal companion to have through good and bad – it’s catchy, melodic, beautifully simplistic, positive and light-hearted, yet there’s a very gentle touch of nostalgia that makes everything else about it pop, like just the right spice to an already rich meal. And Albon’s gentle vocals feel like the most natural extension of the music – weightless and effortless.

“Call Me Up” might just be the next song you sing and whistle along to care-free; not necessarily because you don’t have a care in the world, but because you’ve risen above it. And with Albon’s upcoming EP, Dream Weaver//Bee Keeper, there’s probably more from where that came from.

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Albon – “Call Me Up” Reaction
Albon's "Call Me Up" is like the musical version of a bird’s eye view from which the big and important comes into focus while all the trivialities dissolve.

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