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Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is set to release a documentary of his ‘Us + Them’ Tour

The film is set to hit the theaters in Autumn of 2019

Those members of Pink Floyd that are still around seem to be very active these days. After David Gilmour sold off part of his guitar collection and donated it to environmental causes, bassist Roger Waters has announced that he is set to release a documentary of his Us + Them concert tour. As NME notes, that gigantic tour that lasted 18 months was concluded in December 2018 and drew over two million people across 150 shows.

Waters again engaged Sean Evans, who directed his Roger Waters: The Wall from 2014. The film includes footage from Waters’ four night performances at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome in June 2018. According to the synopsis: “Waters collaborates once more with Sean Evans… to deliver this creatively pioneering film that inspires with its powerful music and message of human rights, liberty, and love.”

As Waters previously told Rolling Stone, “The show takes its title from a song on Dark Side of the Moon, because in that song, there’s a line that goes, ‘With, without/And who will deny that’s what the fighting’s all about?’” he says. “And I’ve realized in the last few years that the interesting thing about that lyric that I wrote in 1973 is that the answer to the question would be, ‘Almost everyone.’ Almost everybody thinks that the fight is about ideology. Everybody will tell you, ‘Well the fighting is all about the Middle East.’ ‘Well, it’s about Muslims starting a jihad.’ ‘It’s about terrorism.’ ‘It’s about this or that.’ And no, it’s not. It’s about money.”

NME also points out that Us + Them got a lot of flak from the US President’s supporters for its anti-Trump stance, in responce, Walters told them to “go see Katy Perry or watch the Kardashians.”

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