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Nike are the latest to hitch their trailer to the ‘Stranger Things’ hype train

After Lego and Baskin & Robbins, the sports apparel giant is next in creating a themed line

It seems that if anything is going to keep Netflix on top of the streaming game it will be the Stranger Things series. After Lego came with its Stranger Things construction set, and Baskin & Robins with their own themed ice cream, Nike has just announced its Stranger Things sports shoes and physical-ed apparel line.

Esquire magazine was among those that had a first chance to take a closer look, and they consider it to be “a perfectly nostalgic ode to the ‘80s”. The sneaker line consists of the models named the Cortez, the Tailwind, and the Blazer – actual models that Nike already made available in the summer of 1985 – perfectly coinciding with the events that will take place in the third season of the series. The key line is that they are all done in the Hawkins High orange and green.

The apparel and accessories are all fashioned as though there were (or are to be) used in a physical education class, all with Hawkins High insignia. But as Esquire points out, this is just chapter one of the new collaboration, which begins on June 27 when the newly announced gear becomes available.

A week later, another package will drop, coinciding with the 4th of July and the beginning of the new Stranger Things season. To match the festivities, Nike will change the colors to red, white, and blue.

Who’s copping?

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