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Netflix is being sued over its Fyre Festival documentary… again

This is the third lawsuit filed against Netflix and their co-defendants, Jerry Media

After it reached an out-of-court settlement this July, Netflix is again being sued for its Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened documentary. This first lawsuit concerned a copyright infringement over an image by Clarissa Cardenas that was used in the documentary, with whom the settlement was reached. 

This time around, as Digital Music News (DMN) reports, the streaming giant is being sued by Austin Mills, a former collegiate basketball player. Mills claims that the documentary’s producers initially asked his permission to use some of the footage he recorded at the now infamous non-event. He claims that he did not give his consent, but that the production team later pulled the said footage from YouTube which was featured in the film’s released version. As DMN notes, “the clips in-question show Fyre attendees reacting to the event’s horrifying conditions and seeking shelter.  Timestamps of the allegedly stolen footage were provided in Mills’s filing; the cumulative length of the lifted clips is 15 seconds.”

This is actually the third lawsuit against Netflix and their co-defentants, Jerry Media, who at the same time are co-producers of the film, but also a social media agency responsible for much of the miss-organization of the Fyre Festival. This cooperation actually made it possible for Netflix to use some of the behind-the-scenes footage.

Still, mounting lawsuits have not diminished Netflix’ interest in the Fyre Festival disaster, as its The I-Land, a Fyre Festival spoof series will air on September 12, 2019.

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