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Is Netflix finally ready to take the plunge into gaming?

Some ’stranger moves’ from the movie/TV streaming leader

Almost a year ago, when the news broke that Minecraft: Story Mode was coming to Netflix, the company denied it was getting into gaming. But then this year, ahead of the coming E3 annual video games expo in Los Angeles, through its official Twitter account, Netflix contacted E3 and requested an invitation to the biggest gaming event around.

As “Web User”, the British fortnightly magazine reports in its 29 May – 11 June 2019 issue, the company is planning a discussion panel called ‘Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix originals into Video Games.’

When asked for a more detailed answer, the company answered that it goes beyond a new Stranger Things game and that, “there’s definitely more to come.” As Netflix is getting stiffer competition from services like Amazon Prime Video and the upcoming Disney+ service, rumor mills about the company contemplating getting into gaming have started up once again.

“Web User” reminds that in 2017 Netflix already made a co-venture, retro-style “Stranger Things” game and in 2018 it also created “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, a choose-your-own-adventure-style show, where the viewers were left with a choice of plot possibilities. Still, the specialized magazine is of the opinion that the streaming giant might opt for simple mobile-type games aimed at casual users, but definitely something that could fill a large financial hole that can develop if it continues to lose high-quality licensing deals.

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