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Coming this fall, fans can now have their own real life ‘Seinfeld Experience’

An interesting way to celebrate 30 years since the first airing of the show

Seinfeld is one of the most revered TV shows ever, and many, like the Rolling Stone, rank it among the top five shows ever aired. A press release by Superfly announced that this fall it will present ‘The Seinfeld Experience’ in Manhattan’s Gramercy neighborhood.

The event is supposed, as Smithsonian quotes, to “Bring Seinfeld to life” including “iconic costumes, memorabilia, set re-creations, and props from the show.” While many details like the precise location and pricing are not yet known, it is announced that there will be a retail area that will have exclusive merchandise.

Superfly, who is known for creating Bonnaroo, stated that, ” we’re thrilled to bring ‘The Seinfeld Experience’ to life in an innovative way, combining nostalgia with immersive entertainment, and getting fans closer than ever before to the show and its beloved characters. A show as iconic as Seinfeld should be celebrated with an experience that truly matches its legacy and enduring influence.”

TvWeb quotes Jerry Seinfeld himself as saying, “Because I am Seinfeld, for a long time I was the only person to actually have the Seinfeld experience. Now, these crazy Superfly people are going to make it so lots of people can interact with our silly ’90s TV show,” he says in the release. “All I can say is, in the general context of the world we live in, this now seems completely normal.”

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