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Bob Dylan art exhibition to open in Tulsa as a preview of The Bob Dylan Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma is turning into a specialist Bob Dylan center

After the University of Tulsa became the location of the Bob Dylan Archives which includes over 100,000 items, as Rolling Stone reports, the University’s Gilcrease Museum will host an exhibition of Dylan’s artwork and handwritten song lyrics. The exhibition called “Bob Dylan: Face Value And Beyond “ will open on May 10 and will be open until September 15, 2019.

The exhibition’s centerpieces are 12 pastel portraits, part of Dylan’s “Face Value” series, which premiered at London’s National Portrait Gallery in 2013, with only a brief showing in the US in 2015.

According to bringmethenews.com, among other exhibited items will be, “a pair of Dylan’s sketchbooks dating from 1970, previously unseen artwork Bob created for his 1973 book Writings and Drawings, handwritten lyrics, two famous silent ‘Screen Tests’ featuring Dylan that were directed by Andy Warhol, and a leather jacket the singer wore at the historic 1965 Newport Folk Festival performance where he ‘went electric.'”

Rolling Stone cites Michael Chaiken, the curator of the Bob Dylan Archives, who told Tulsa World that, “It might seem like something of a curve ball to have an exhibit built around a series of paintings. But it’s really a kind of sneaky way to show what the archive truly is — something that showcases what a truly multifaceted artist Bob Dylan is.” He also added that, “this show is an opportunity to explore all those different avenues of Dylan’s creativity,” and that, “one reason why this exhibit could only be done is Tulsa is that we have, with the archive, a wealth of supporting material.”

At the moment, the large Dylan archives are only open to researchers, but there will be a public venue, The Bob Dylan Center, that will be a permanent exhibit and will open in the Tulsa Art District in 2021.

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