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Audiophiles’ search for the perfect headphones continues with a new entry into the market from Erzetich

These ones are geared specifically towards mobile devices

The quality of the sound offered by streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz is reaching new highs, and so is the technology and software that makes it possible to hear that sound on portable devices. But all that great sound could go wasted if you use your standard earphones or even headphones.

But headphone makers around the world are catching up and trying to make the best of it with new design and ideas. One of those headphone designers and manufacturers is Slovenian artist and designer Blaž Erzetič, who has just come up with Thalia, a set of handcrafted audiophile headphones through his Erzetich brand.

Naming the set after Thalia, the Greek goddess of festivity Zeus’ daughter, his headphones are geared specifically to be used with mobile devices of any kind and at the same time give the user the best possible sound. 

Users of over ear headphones often complain that they are heavy, uncomfortable, and that they often present a risk if they exclude all of the surrounding noises and sounds.

Erzetich tried to solve these problems with his metal/wood design that weighs only 270g (9.5oz) and open cup design that does not exclude all the outside sound, but enough not to influence the audiophile quality.

Thalia is not exactly cheap at their pre-order price of 449 EUR (about $500), but then, if you want to get another real audiophile set, Romanian makers Meze Audio is selling their ‘cost is no object’ Empyrean Planar-Magnetic Headphone that with 430 grams (15oz) for a ‘low’ $2999. It has great reviews, but the value probably depends on the depth of your pocket.

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