Ahead of its new season, you can get your own 'Rick and Morty' Pocket Synthesizers | News | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Ahead of its new season, you can get your own ‘Rick and Morty’ Pocket Synthesizers

Teenage Engineering is set to release a limited edition synth which will create Rick and Morty ’soundscapes’

Techie sites like The Verge and Engadget were quick to pick up the news that the Swedish hardware company, Teenage Engineering, is set to release limited edition Rick and Morty music synthesizers ahead of the massively popular cartoon’s new season which is to start in July 2019.

The pocket synthesizer is part of the company’s pocket operator line, which it dubs, “a wall of sound in your pocket”, and will bear the mark of Pocket Operator, Po-137. Along with music making capabilities, the gizmo will include an animated LCD display with Rick and Morty visuals, 120-second memory, a folding stand alarm clock, as well as some other features.

The musical capabilities include a built-in microphone with eight different Rick and Morty character options, all performed by the show’s co-creator, writer and actor Justin Roiland. The machines will become available for purchase online in July, and in regular stores in November. While the actual price was not announced, Teenage Engineering pocket line machines usually run from $49 to $89.

Engadget comments that these pocket synths are actually serious instruments that, despite their pocket-size, deliver surprisingly good audio, something that possibly goes hand in hand with the fact that Teenage Engineering has also launched a record label this spring.

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