Video Roundup 3/4-3/10

With A Wrinkle In Time hitting theaters you know Disney wasn’t going to miss a chance to make even more money with its accompanying soundtrack. The first video from that is DJ Khaled’s surprising contribution, which is only in name, because Demi Lovato does all of the work here (like any real DJ Khaled “song”). It’s more of an alternate music trailer for the movie than a proper music video but I could see the song gaining traction as one of the next big Disney songs. Celebrating hitting 11 million subscribers on YouTube, Marshmello releases this loosie that reminds me of one of those old ringtone videos they used to put out in the early 2000’s. The song itself has summer written all over it, and I’m sure we’ll hear some version of this at pool parties across the country. Keeping with those throwback feels, Bon Jovi has just released their video for their latest single, “When We Were Us,” and the video is about the same as any video that any rock band over the age of 50 has put out ever. The song’s cool though I guess.

Fresh off the release of his sophomore album, Tory Lanez dropped the video for the Future assisted single, “Real Thing.” It was honestly one of the more forgettable songs off that album for me and the video, which is typical rapper fare, hasn’t done anything to change that feeling. Rich The Kid, who’s been grinding with the mixtapes for years now is finally preparing to release his debut album and “Plug Walk” is one of the first singles off of it. Aside from the overall catchiness of the song itself, I’m a sucker for Breaking Bad references, and although the RV scene has been done to death by now I’m still all for this.

Check out everything I rounded up below and let me know which ones were your favorites.

DJ Khaled – I Believe (ft. Demi Lovato)
Community Rating1 Vote2.85

Tory Lanez – Real Thing (ft. Future)
Community Rating1 Vote1.95

Rich The Kid – Plug Walk
Community Rating1 Vote3.45

Kamaiyah – Dope Chick
Community Rating0 Votes0

Anoyd – Blame It On Jay Z
Community Rating0 Votes0

Curren$y – Billy Ocean
Community Rating0 Votes0

Curren$y – Game on Freeze
Community Rating0 Votes0

Marshmello – Fly
Community Rating1 Vote2.85

Camila Cabello – Never Be the Same
Community Rating0 Votes0

Sade – Flower of the Universe
Community Rating0 Votes0

Bon Jovi – When We Were Us
Community Rating1 Vote2.5

What’d you think about this week’s videos? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to stay up with all the new content.


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