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Hard To Kill – Hard To Kill Reaction

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Hard To Kill are the latest XO (The Weeknd’s label) affiliates to release a project. I’m not real familiar with the duo but The Weeknd has garnered enough goodwill with me that I’ll check out anything coming from the camp. Hard To Kill’s sound is dark, lo-fi, and moody much like the sound of their label boss and the unofficial, official sound of all of Toronto for the past few years. Honestly, I got heavy vibes of early A$AP’s Harlem variation of Southern Trill; even with their delivery and rhyme schemes. Songs like “Slime” and “Paper Planes” definitely play in that same lane and I could easily hear them on one of those earlier tapes. That’s a compliment as I loved early A$AP, it just means it didn’t sound as fresh or new as it’s a style that’s been emulated and done to death by now. It’s not all emulation though, they do add some of their own flavor and it has clear influences of current trends. Hard To Kill is mood music and although it’s nothing particularly new or different, it is extremely well done and I found myself grooving with the vibes for a large majority of the album.

Like a lot of today's music, trying to put a label on or even describe their overall sound is damn near impossible. It's a little bit of pop, a little bit of punk, a little bit of electronic, a little bit of hip-hop, and a whole lot of countless other influences. It all sounds highly experimental, and a bit chaotic, but never so much that they lose their cool. Young Fathers have crafted something special here and I've found it difficult to pull myself away. This one is a must experience.
XXXTENTACION said his goal was to show his versatility on this project and although a lot of the stuff here is watered down representations of said genres, his talent is undeniable and his renditions turned out better than I ever would have expected. Now most of it feels like teasers/unfinished versions with only two tracks going over 3 minutes, but sonically there's more than enough here to keep me coming back. ? is as enigmatic a project as XXXTENTACION is as an artist but there's an undeniable draw to it and to him that continues to surprise.
MEMORIES DON'T DIE feels like it fell to the problem most artists face going into their sophomore albums. What do you talk about after you've put your entire life's experiences into your debut? It's a difficult problem and one that Tory Lanez was unable to solve, resulting in a largely unmemorable album, despite the immense amount of musical talent he possesses.

“You can’t hate me now forever
Probably think the past was better
For me, it’s right now or never
Thank you, baby, see you never
I can forget, but revenge feels better”

Have you heard Hard To Kill? What’d you think about it? Do you think it’s enough to differentiate themselves from similar acts? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Hard To Kill – Hard To Kill Reaction
Hard To Kill's sound is dark, lo-fi, moody, and very reminiscent of early A$AP. It's mood music and although it's nothing particularly new or different, it is extremely well done and I found myself grooving with the vibes for a large majority of the album.
Paper Cranes
No One
Diamond Rain

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